Margot Design

from Graphic Design to Fine Art


Margot Garrity is an energetic and innovative Artist and Designer who brings experience and creative energy to her work. Diverse subjects capture Margot’s imagination, from carving illuminated letters into six sided maple blocks, to the finesse of a carved guitar scroll. Her current projects include pen and ink drawings of houses commissioned as gifts, custom cards, and wooden rings.  See her current work and portfolio at

Her experience in art started in 1990 when she captured the attention of potters at the Ocmulgee Pottery Studio with her tiny animal characters in clay, which the adults coveted and traded for because of their whimsical spirit. From studio to studio, Margot has gained skills from the MFA School, Montserrat, studying with private tutors, and working as the Art Director at the YMCA, and volunteering at the SAFE Studio in Ipswich, MA. With a degree in English and Philosophy from Gordon College and teaching certificates for both Spanish and English from Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, Margot has developed a distinctive ability to capture life’s most precious and memorable moments in her drawings and carvings.

As full time pro-bono designer, marketing specialist and woodworker for Wallpusher Guitars, Margot spends her weekdays refining her skills as a sculptor while innovatively finding connections with people internationally who understand the power of a well made musical instrument.

The attentiveness and compassion Margot practices each day translates directly into her work as an Artist and a Designer– giving her a sensitive eye for capturing the beauty and personality of her subjects.  Margot Garrity approaches each commissioned portrait and landscape with spirit, liveliness, and professionalism.


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